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  Globalisation Plan for Entrepreneurs and Professionals
The Chartered Network
The Members Network.
  CharteredBuilder.com is a Specialty Business and Professional Development Hub of Chartered Network International. The Resource Network and Portal for both Professional Service Providers and end users.
  Proactive approach to match expertise with specific project requirements.
Find a wide range of human resource needs, professional and management expertises and advisory services in building and construction. Online forum and consultation.

Core services for members include:
- Project Listing and Referral : Job and Business Creation

- eAdvice and Consultation : Global Resource Collaboration
- Human Resource JobManage System .

  Events and Business Conference on Strategic Globalisation
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Globalization Program

Pathway to accelerate your job & business success in the Asian & Australian marketplaces and worldwide.
Strategic Globalisation
Plan for Entrepreneurs
and Professionals.


SGM Application Plan

Strategic Development and Integration Gateway into new marketplaces and opportunities.

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